Moby - Wait For Me (Deluxe Edition)

Wait For Me is the perfect embodiment of the DIY ethic.

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Released 3 Nov 2009 | Little Idiot | By Greg Inglis | Rating: 4
Moby - Wait For Me (Deluxe Edition)

Wait For Me is the perfect embodiment of the DIY ethic; recorded in a bedroom, designed and played almost entirely by Moby himself and released (now rereleased!) on his own label. This time around he serves up a more downtempo collection of songs, in stark contrast to the dance floor centred hedonism of its predecessor, 2008's Last Night.

Lead single 'Shot In The Back Of The Head' is a dark, string drenched instrumental piece accompanied by a striking animated video courtesy of legendary director David Lynch. It may smack of commercial suicide, but demonstrates an unflinching commitment to putting out music for sheer pleasure alone. Vocal duties are left to a host of specially invited female friends with the exception of a handful of up-tempo bonus tracks and the emotionally charged 'Mistake' which channels the ghost of the late Ian Curtis. The forlorn vocal of Melody Zimmer imbues 'JLTF' with near tear jerking sentiment as the anguish of separation unfolds to create a real standout moment. Only 'Study War' with it’s repeated vocal sample is skip worthy but this is merely a blip on the copybook.

Whilst an accompanying disc of ambient versions is an indulgence too far, the collection of short films, music videos and interviews on this deluxe edition serve to enhance the overall listener experience. Anybody who has written Moby off as a spent force is on dangerous ground as Wait For Me is an unexpected triumph, an intensely personal record that successfully combines melancholy with great warmth and beauty.