Mitchell Museum - The Peter’s Port Memorial Service

Inside the party you find the finest moment on the album.

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Released 20 Jul 2010 | Electra French Records | By Martin Guttridge-Hewitt | Rating: 3-5
Mitchell Museum - The Peter’s Port Memorial Service

Take a hint of the psychedelic 60s. Add a pinch of 21st Century electro-indie. Blend until thick with texture, then whisk in a whole lot of heartfelt emotion. The result is Mitchell Museum’s startling debut. An album that puts one of Scotland’s most unique four-pieces on course to claim the sleeper hit of the year.

Recent single ‘Warning Bells’ offers the first of the ‘big tunes’. A guitar riff so wonderfully natural it’s any wonder no-one wrote it before kicks things off, before we’re taken to a full throttle anthem, complete with heavy, head nodding drums and a packed aural accompaniment as accessible as it is complex.

In contrast the title track welcomes listeners into some dream-like state of ambience. Like the sun breaking through a cloud-filled sky on the M6, a wall of sound is gently constructed before the distorted electric strings come crashing down, only to be replaced by simple twinkling keys and the most powerful sound of all- silence.

‘Cut Lantern’ also takes things nicely downtempo; a star-crossed ode to love and friendship, it’s perhaps the finest platform to showcase Cammy MacFarlane’s soon-to-be immediately identifiable vocals, and proves there’s a lot more here than just MGMT generation party tracks.

That said inside the party you find the finest moment on the album. In ‘Copy + Paste’ synths, basslines and percussion gather together, forming a behemoth of a sound somewhere in between The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Sunshine Underground’ and British Sea Power’s ‘We Close Our Eyes’.

We’d say it’s worth buying the whole album just for these five minutes alone, not to mention the stadium filling keyboards and drums that energetically drive the instrumental track, ‘A Series of Instructions’. That’s a recommendation. We suggest you act on it.