John Barrowman - John Barrowman

We're "treated" to another selection of tracks from musicals and the stage.

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Released 2 Mar 2010 | Sony | By Greg Inglis | Rating: 1
John Barrowman - John Barrowman

Few people would have dared to imagine the star of Torchwood and darling of the West End shedding his inner demons and collaborating with the likes of Pendulum, Will I Am, The Killers and Lacuna Coil on his latest self titled album. Unfortunately they will have to wait a little longer as we are "treated" to another selection of tracks from musicals and the stage.

On the positive side, 'So Close' is a serviceable duet where Barrowman’s voice is well matched with that of Jodie Prenger though the moment is somewhat lost in the overwhelming sea of schmaltz which surrounds it. Only once does the helping hand of restraint manage to stifle his penchant for the overblown as he delivers a touching rendition of the standard 'You’ll Never Walk Alone' whilst 'The Winner Takes It All' is cleverly slowed down so the emotional bitterness of the lyrics are brought to the fore.

Whilst ballads play the lead role there are a handful of more upbeat numbers that push the limits of karaoke to their very extremes. You wouldn’t expect 'Copacabana' to deliver much more but Barrowman doesn’t do himself any favours with a cabaret style display. This is mere small fry in comparison with the truly abysmal cover of 'Oh What A Night' (from Jersey Boys) which exposes his inadequacies more than an all over airport body scanner. The slower numbers on the other hand quickly grate as the sheer weight of slushy romanticism and fake drama become overwhelming and sitting through the whole composition in one sitting becomes something akin to a David Blaine style challenge.

Although there’s no denying that Barrowman can sing there is as much imagination in the album title as in the music contained within, precious little. I have absolutely no idea why the record company failed to release this in time for Valentines Day as the smack of cash in is more like a knockout punch. Oh well, at least that’s Mother’s Day taken care of!