Glasvegas - Euphoric Heartbreak

A cathartic tale of loss, guilt, depression, joy and freedom.

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| By Greg Inglis | Rating: 4
Glasvegas - Euphoric Heartbreak

After losing their drummer and the near fatal overdose of occasionally missing-in-action frontman James Allan, Glasvegas are back with a new line up and experienced producer Flood at the controls.

Whilst it seems like a million and one songs have been written about the depths of post break-up hell, 'Euphoria, Take My Hand' takes an altogether more positive approach in it’s blind refusal to wallow in chocolate and whisky fuelled misery. Lifting your spirits before a note is even sung, the defiant cry of "heartbreak, I’m not holding your hand any more" will swim around your head for days, weeks and months after.

Elsewhere the subtle tension of 'Dream Dream Dreaming' and the darkly confessional 'I Feel Wrong' are both masterpieces. The latter catalogues a twisted web of sexual confusion and suicidal feelings with a stricken Allan crying out to God for help. It’s raw subject matter is expertly twinned with lush production to create a stirring piece that’s unsettling yet strangely beautiful.

Worthy of mention are the opening and closing tracks. 'Pain Pain Never Again' sees spoken English and French lyrics collide over the sweetest of synths whilst 'Change' a simple stripped down duet with James’s mum that is achingly touching as the vast wall of sound is replaced by a solitary piano. There are occasions when the quality drops with 'Stronger Than Dirt' a case in point, drudgingly one dimensional and lyrically anaemic, though such moments are fleeting.

If ever an album title epitomised it’s contents then this is it, a cathartic tale of loss, guilt, depression, joy and freedom. 'Euphoric Heartbreak' may lack the rough edged charm of their debut but it delivers an equally hefty emotional punch.