General Fiasco - Buildings

A well crafted but safe long-player.

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Released 22 Mar 2010 | Infectious Records | By Martin Guttridge-Hewitt | Rating: 2-5
General Fiasco - Buildings

It seems common for bands in 2010 to look to hybridity as a solution for lack of invention, so when an album sounds as wholly British as 'Buildings' does, it has to be pretty good.

Unfortunately for General Fiasco, whilst there's no denying they are 'pretty good', 'pretty' must be the operative word for there’s a distinct lack of 'wow factor' here. Musically it’s hard to argue against the painstakingly arranged, authoritatively performed guitars and the dominating rhythm section backing them up, but above and below the revs of the lead and bass there’s too much risk of it all getting lost in the sound-a-like chasm; a shame, considering the talent evident here.

For those looking for a heavier rock sound built into the indie stone, look no further than ‘I’m Not Made Of Eyes’, which lunges from rolling kick and snare combinations to stepping breaks all the while ensuring the motif on its sleeve stays in place. But just like ‘Sinking Ships’ and the heartfelt string and vocal harmonies that make up its epic chorus, they've been here before, on more than one occasion.

Track of the album ‘Rebel Get By’ stands in complete contrast almost, which is the reason why it should be anyone’s pick. No less heavy than anything else offered here, it opts to use a pogo friendly garage riff to drive itself forward. Although it stops some way short of being a unique triumph, it’s the furthest point from predictability on this well crafted but safe long-player.